602893_4590545998638_1328465011_nClocks have been around for a very long time. From sun dials to the hourglass, the clock industry has developed into analog and digital clock. There are even sophisticated clocks which provide multiple functions that include a built-in phone or pulse tracker. Clocks also vary in size whilst some are very small such as wrist watches and others are big enough to be visible from several yards. The price of the clocks can also vary from a couple of dollars to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. There are a lot of reasons why people use clocks. Here are some common reason why people use clocks.

  1. Keep track on time – The main reason of using clocks is to keep track on time. Even the basic clock will let you know the exact time down to the minute or seconds. Wall clocks or wrist watches are often used for this reason.
  2. Attendance record – At work, clock is used to record the attendance of the employees. Clocks for this function are often attached to a database which contains the attendance record of the employees which the salary will be based upon.
  3. Dementia – If you haven’t heard of a dementia clock, these are clocks which help people suffering from dementia to keep track of the time and date. The dementia clocks contain important information which people suffering from dementia would often forget. Dementia clocks can either be analog or digital. Some dementia clocks would even contain information such as whether it is day or night represented by images of the sun and moon. With the help of dementia clocks, people will be able to live normally as if they are not suffering from such a disorder.
  4. Manage schedule – For businessmen and managers of celebrities, clocks can help them manage their tight schedule. This will make them very efficient in managing their daily activities.
  5. Style – Some people just wear watches just for the trend. It enhances their look perfectly complementing their whole appearance. Some would purchase expensive and cool watches for this very reason. Watch companies would often appeal to their customer using this aspect to gain more sales and enhance their brand.

There are still a lot of reasons why people use clocks. Some clocks are used as timers for physical activities or experiments which require taking notes of time and different time intervals. Whether it is to impress everyone around you or to help conquer dementia, clocks will always be a valuable gadget for the society. What about you? What’s your reason for using a clock?