Common Reasons Why People Use Clocks

602893_4590545998638_1328465011_nClocks have been around for a very long time. From sun dials to the hourglass, the clock industry has developed into analog and digital clock. There are even sophisticated clocks which provide multiple functions that include a built-in phone or pulse tracker. Clocks also vary in size whilst some are very small such as wrist watches and others are big enough to be visible from several yards. The price of the clocks can also vary from a couple of dollars to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. There are a lot of reasons why people use clocks. Here are some common reason why people use clocks.

  1. Keep track on time – The main reason of using clocks is to keep track on time. Even the basic clock will let you know the exact time down to the minute or seconds. Wall clocks or wrist watches are often used for this reason.
  2. Attendance record – At work, clock is used to record the attendance of the employees. Clocks for this function are often attached to a database which contains the attendance record of the employees which the salary will be based upon.
  3. Dementia – If you haven’t heard of a dementia clock, these are clocks which help people suffering from dementia to keep track of the time and date. The dementia clocks contain important information which people suffering from dementia would often forget. Dementia clocks can either be analog or digital. Some dementia clocks would even contain information such as whether it is day or night represented by images of the sun and moon. With the help of dementia clocks, people will be able to live normally as if they are not suffering from such a disorder.
  4. Manage schedule – For businessmen and managers of celebrities, clocks can help them manage their tight schedule. This will make them very efficient in managing their daily activities.
  5. Style – Some people just wear watches just for the trend. It enhances their look perfectly complementing their whole appearance. Some would purchase expensive and cool watches for this very reason. Watch companies would often appeal to their customer using this aspect to gain more sales and enhance their brand.

There are still a lot of reasons why people use clocks. Some clocks are used as timers for physical activities or experiments which require taking notes of time and different time intervals. Whether it is to impress everyone around you or to help conquer dementia, clocks will always be a valuable gadget for the society. What about you? What’s your reason for using a clock?


Onsite SEO and Why It’s So Important

A lot of people tend to ignore onsite optimisation. As an SEO your job is very complicated and involves the use of many different techniques. Although SEO can be categorised into two different categories: onsite optimisation and offsite optimisation, many search engine optimisers tend to think that after a website is initially optimised, it will be fine to just leave it how it is and focus on building links.

Yes, results can be garnered just by building more links but many find themselves actually spending more time and money ignoring on page factors just because they consider the job ‘done’. As an SEO, your job is never fully and truly complete as even though you may hit the number 1 spot, ensuring that you aren’t overtaken by your competitors is paramount.

Although one can think that they have completed an onsite audit on a website, it is important to spend a bit a time now and then making tweaks to things such as: meta descriptions, title tag, keyword density, h1-6 tags, word count and more. Just because you think that the page is fully optimised, doesn’t make it so. PingPress Internet Marketing recommends changing certain aspects of the site by a few percent here and there could really be the difference between positions 2 and 1.

The real advantage of optimising on page factors is that essentially it is free! Other than investing in your time, the act of doing some analysis among your competitors and changing a few things here and there is usually totally free. If you have a client that is paying you a good amount each month, and you are investing a lot of money into links and aren’t getting anyway, onsite is a good place to look at to see if something isn’t quite right. Just remember that if your page factors aren’t correct and spot on, no amount of links is going to help you rank above a perfectly optimised page.

It is also worth noting that just because your keyword is in all the right places, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t another 10 keywords than also could be improved just by changing a few things around here and there. For instance, lets take ‘guitar lessons’ as your main keyword. By putting the keyword in all aspects of the page, it may help you rank for guitar lessons. But what about guitar training, learn guitar, guitar chords, learn to play guitar, online guitar lessons? You may find that you are missing out on some big opportunities by narrowing down your keywords. Remember, Google is smart and if you are talking about ‘lessons’ and ‘training’, they are going to know that it means the same thing generally speaking and by including one variant of a keyword too many times can lead to over-optimisation which is my next point.

Over-optimisation is generally easily achieved. This can truly be the thing that is holding you back from ranking when you think you have done absolutely everything right. You’ve put your keyword on the page, sent some really strong links to the page, sent social signals, but you just aren’t moving above the average joe that doesn’t even do any SEO and has 12 backlinks. Google knows that by pushing quality content to the top, it’s users will gain a better experience and thus come back to Google to perform more searches. If your page is heavily over-optimised, do you think you will be providing your readers with an enjoyable experience? I think not, Gareth explains more about affliate marketing SEO here.

So make sure your webpage isn’t too optimised. Try taking a few things out and putting a few things in and see what happens!


Tips On Choosing An SEO Company For Your Business

SEO or search engine optimization is something that is becoming more and more of a must for businesses nowadays. It aims to maximize your online presence and increase the traffic of your website, not to mention the number of potential clients.

However, SEO is now evolving. There are a lot of new SEO companies so it is important to choose the right one. Here are some of the things that you should look for when hiring the right SEO company for you:

  1. Good Keyword Strategy

You have to choose an SEO company who is willing to give you a detailed strategic plan before you get started. You have to pick a company that has great marketing strategists. These strategists must have a clear understanding of your niche and your industry.

  1. Web Development Services

You have to pick an SEO company that has comprehensive web development services. SEO work may require some specific changes to be made in your website so it is important to pick a company that has talented and reliable web developers.

  1. Social Media Marketing

People spend at least one hour a day on social networking sites. So, it is important to pick a company that provides social media marketing services and insights. Opt for a company that has extensive experience in social media marketing and social media bookmarking.

  1. Good Price Tier

Choose a company that offers a lot of services for a certain value. A lot of SEO companies will ask you to pay extra for some services. So, it is important to study the inclusions of your SEO plan carefully before you sign up. Pick a company that covers many services for a specific price, and whose price range is within your budget. While SEO is a good investment, it is important not to overspend on your online marketing efforts.

  1. Content Marketing

Many online marketing experts believe that content marketing is the new SEO. So, it is important to go for an SEO company that offers great content marketing services, too.

  1. Great Customer Service

It is essential to choose an SEO company that offers great customer service. Your SEO company must have friendly and competent account managers who are willing to take care of your SEO needs. They must be willing to work with you openly and honestly and they should be driven to deliver results. You could go in and visit their Loc8 Commercial office and meet the team.

Hiring a uk based recommended SEO agency is a great investment that will yield great results but only if you pick the right company. So choose well.


Choosing the Right GoPro

The popularity of action cameras is on the rise nowadays because of their extraordinary ability to seamlessly capture images and videos of objects in motion. The main difference between ordinary cameras and action cameras is that action cameras are capable of capturing moving objects without any blurring problems, whereas normal cameras oftentimes capture blurred images or videos, especially if there is no image stabilization present. Today, one of the most recognizable names when it comes to action cameras is the GoPro brand of cameras.

Benefits of Using a GoPro Camera

Owning a GoPro camera has numerous benefits. As stated above, GoPro cameras are classified as action cameras and are thus created specifically for capturing moving subjects. GoPro cameras are fully capable of capturing moving objects regardless of their speed. Additionally, GoPro cameras are capable of capturing these objects in up to 4K video resolution, depending on the camera being used. Another benefit of owning a or GoPro Hire camera is that it allows for capturing images and videos in multiple environments. GoPro cameras always come with a case which enables users to shoot videos underwater and under different weather conditions.

Choosing the Right GoPro Camera

Currently, there are 5 variants of the GoPro to choose from. Essentially, choosing the right GoPro camera is dependent on the budget allotted for the camera. First off in the lineup is the GoPro HERO which is priced at $129.99. This camera is capable of shooting 1080p30 and 720p60 videos and still shots from its 5MP camera. It is also waterproof up to 40 meters. Next up is the HERO 3 White with a price tag of $199.99. The only difference between the HERO 3 White and the HERO is the built-in Wi-Fi and the addition of a 960p30 resolution for video shooting. Next in line is the HERO 3+ Silver priced at $299.99. This camera is an upgraded version of the HERO 3 White and sports a 960p60 video shooting resolution. It also has a higher megapixel camera at 10 megapixels and is capable of taking 10fps burst shots.

The last two cameras are the HERO 4 Silver and the HERO 4 Black priced at $399.99 and $499.99 respectively. Both of these cameras are an upgrade of the HERO 3 White and both have a 12MP shutter and are capable of 30fps burst shots. The only difference between the two is that the HERO 4 Silver can take 720p120 fps videos while the HERO 4 Black is capable of shooting up to 4K30 videos.

Why Hire a GoPro Camera

Obviously, buying something expensive that you will not be able to use very often may not be advisable. Hiring one will allow you to enjoy the benefits without having to break the bank. Likewise, you do not have to worry about maintenance and you are always guaranteed of getting the latest models. It is also perfect to use if you need footage for some London video marketing by Red Pill. All GoPro’s will record great footage to use in your campaign.



The World of Outsourced Bookkeeping

Welcome to the wonderful world of outsourced bookkeeping, where everything under the accounting and financial side of the business is whisked away quickly, expertly, and at a lower cost. Here are a number of benefits one gets when outsourced bookkeeping is selected:

  • Quick and easy

There is none easier to outsource than bookkeeping jobs. Bookkeeping that is done online can do away with the need of back-office full-time bookkeepers, that frees up costs of maintaining staff as well as office space. Building a business will now remain the focus of the company while the outsourced group does the bookkeeping.

  • Available 24/7

A regular bookkeeper can raise problems for a company when he may call in sick, resign on short notice, or work on a part-time basis only. The online bookkeeping service, on the other hand, is available, reliable, and can even work full-time should the need arise.

  • Expert bookkeeping services

Using an outsourced bookkeeping operation also gives you a team of professional accounting personnel who have been trained well to give you the highest quality bookkeeping services. Hiring outsourced accounting teams would be like hiring a department of experts that have bookkeepers supervised by a CPA, a Manager or a Bookkeeping or Accounting Specialist.

  • Control over the accounting system

Control can sometimes be handed to a single bookkeeper when he is hired in-house. Internal control plays a major part in any business that secures the assets as its first line of protection, as well as avoiding and detecting fraud and errors. The design of internal control is such that any unauthorized use or acquisition can be detected early on since it concerns the assets of the company. Outsourced bookkeeping and Myob Essentials can give a layer of security which will enable the company to make deposits and issue checks with the record keeping safely in their hands. This practice of having a dual system in the financial aspect of the company protects it from any unlawful gain as records could right away reflect any anomaly.

More and more companies and small businesses are opting out to use outsourced bookkeeping services as the benefits far outweigh those of hiring their own in-house financial staff. Not only has it reduced operating costs, which is beneficial to small starting businesses, but it also provides high-quality work and expertise. The contract is also easily terminated when the job is over or it could also be retained on a full-time basis which could still be less expensive than hiring a full-time employee.